Kaeleigh Morrill
Where are these bodies? Why are they there? What are they doing?
Ji Hyun Han
I was trying to shift the meaning of painting.
Amanda Ba
I’ve expanded this notion of hybridity.
Rino Kodama
My hands are the ones that built these cocoon vessels.
Miguel Rivera-Vera
Let’s question our mortality together.
Iva Ružić
I’m really enchanted by the freedom I got to experience in crafting my life.
Harrison Kinnane Smith
Not only representing something, but engaging with the content of the work...
Louisa Edwards
Even ideas that are oppositional— when they meet heads, they become permeable to each other.
Huey Metropolis
With all my work, it’s important to not think of a single image or a single moment. It’s really a journey…
Nolan Meyer
I like trying to have to follow a rabbit that might not even be the right one to the end.
Paula Asecas
You cannot tell people what to do with their own stuff.
Renata Del Riego
Our very texture was changed, and our very way of moving changed.
Karly Andreassen
There’s so much that isn’t told directly that is so valuable.
Fundamentally, that’s what life’s about— how you grapple with things.
Aya Fathallah
The distortion to me is a representation of a multi-faceted reality.
Juan Arango Palacios
I’m trying to make this fantastical zone of safety for queer folks.
Ciara Cagemoe
I’m kind of like a physical daydreamer.
Karim Gavins
Art is my best way to communicate.
Ronan Day-Lewis
All of that’s a lie— eden lost, hell, heaven, at least as they pertain to my past.
Nina Miller
There’s a balance between reflecting and letting the work just be and sit.
Marina Seyffert
We're just leaves on rivers floating along.
Christian Hastad
Let what is striking you the most breathe in the work.
Mairead Dambruch
Everything had the same plane of living and being and having its own narrative.
Matt Reiner
You can be both within the world and without the world.
Soomin Kim
To be still is to flow gently with the stream.
Kimberley Zak
There is an intuitive intersection between art and psychology.
Hamilton Poe
Every one of them is different, but also, every one of them is completely the same.
Deniz Türkoğlu
Within ourselves, there is a lot of secrecy that happens.
James Tsui
I think of art as an intersection of making, thinking, and something bigger than you and me.
Mary Truong
I want to examine technology through the medium of computation.
Jooyoung Park
We cannot articulate or define human relationships, but art and design helps us to understand.